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Putin den store

putinHvem er Vladimir Putin? Hvordan kom han til makten? Hvordan er hans forhold til vesten? BBC laget i 2012 en programserie om den russiske lederen, som mange, også i vesten, mener er verdens frelser i kampen mot islamisering, islamsk terror og normoppløsning, mens andre mener er en brutal diktator som ikke skyr noen midler for å holde seg ved makten.

For å få balanse i bildet av Putin legger Frie Ytringer også ut et russisk produsert forsvarsprogram for Putin etter BBC- serien.


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  • Anonym

    Verdens frelser i kampen mot islamisering? Give me a break, Simonsen. Sist var det redningsmann. Nå er det frelser. Du tar persondyrkelsen av Putin til nye, religiøse høyder. Du ber vel snart fem ganger om dagen i retning Lubjanka. Innvandring er en prioritet for Putin. Innvandrerne er hovedsaklig muslimer fra tidligere Sovjetrepublikker.

    One of the most important claims of «The Concept of Demographic Policy of the Russian Federation for the period till 2025” is that the state views “attracting migrants in accordance with the needs of the demographic and socio-economic development, taking into account the need for their social adaptation and integration” as an essential priority. Currently, Russia is second in the world in terms of its absolute volume of immigration, lagging only behind the US.

    Over the past two decades, due to high levels of immigration, Russia has succeeded in adjusting the dynamics of its population decline. According to official data, between 1992 and 2010, 8.4 million immigrants arrived in the country. The informal statistics suggest a much greater (and more realistic) estimate of between 15 and18 million people, approximately 10.5 – 12.7 per cent of the total population. It is important to bear in mind that high immigration leads to a substantial change in social reality. According to data from 2012, 91 per cent of all migration gain occurred in CIS countries and 63.5 per cent of these are predominantly Muslim states (Azerbaijan, Tajikistan, Kyrgyzstan, Uzbekistan, Kazakhstan and Turkmenistan).

    “Mass depopulation, a reduction in the share of ethnic Russians, population ageing, immigration flows and the demographic success of the Muslim people – all these factors testify that in the coming years, Islam’s role in Russian social and spiritual reality will grow significantly”, ‒ Damir Mukhetdinov, the Deputy Head of Spiritual Administration of Muslims of the Russian Federation, notes.

    There is no exact data on the size of the Muslim population in Russia. This is a result of a lack of systematic polls and adequate estimates regarding immigration. According to a 2002 census, there were approximately 14.5 million Muslim people in Russia, about 10 per cent of the country’s total population. It is clear that even back in 2002, this figure greatly underestimates the true total. President Vladimir Putin has given a more realistic estimate, around 18-20 million people, approximately 14-15 per cent of the total population.

    Based on these estimates, it is possible to speculate on the future of Muslims in Russia. According to estimates by the authoritative Pew Research Center (“The Future of The Global Muslim Population”), by 2030, the number of Muslims will increase by 3 per cent. However, it is important to understand that the authors of the report make estimates based on the most modest figures available, not taking into account the realities of immigration. According to other estimates, in particular the National Intelligence Council of the US, taking into account immigration and the depopulation of the Russian population, it is conceivable that by 2030, the proportion of Muslims in Russia will amount to 20-22 per cent. Thus, in 10-15 years, every fifth citizen of Russia will profess to follow Islam and in Moscow, this figure will be even higher. “It threatens further growth of interethnic and interreligious tensions” said former CIA director Michael Hayden.

    Western experience has demonstrated that Muslim migrants do not fully assimilate. A surge of interest in one’s identity and awakening, not so much ethnic as religious, has been observed among second and third generation migrants. And there is no reason to believe that Russia’s case will be any different. The children and grandchildren of today’s migrant workers will demand a respectful attitude and relevant rights.

    Les resten her: http://www.neweasterneurope.eu/articles-and-commentary/1690-russian-muslims-face-challenges-of-demography-and-migration

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